During my recent trip to Freiburg I spent most of the time walking around and I discovered really nice shops. I started writing down the addresses as a reminder to myself but then I thought that it would be a good idea to share my experience on the blog, so I put together this little shopping guide and map. It is based on my interests, so most of the shops mentioned are art/craft related. It was a pleasure to go exploring around the relaxed, car-free city centre on a summer day and browse all these shops. It made me very envious too: Dublin is an European capital, five times bigger than Freiburg, but in terms of nice shops... ok, pubs are better here in Dublin :-)


I think the guide should start with the famous market (Münstermarkt) at Münsterplatz, the square where the Cathedral stands. Every morning except Sundays and holidays the whole square is covered with stalls selling fruit, vegetables and other groceries like cheese, sausages, bread, dried fruits and tea blends. They also sell flowers and crafts, and if you are hungry you can buy a nice wurst in a bun.

mercado 00_020

Now it's the season for many kinds of berries, so we bought tons of them. I even learnt their names in German: Erdbeere, Himbeere, Johannisbeere, Blaubeere, Stachelbeere...


For the rest of the shops you can check the map or the list I'll publish later. In the map different colours indicate different categories: blue for fabric/yarn/haberdashery, pink for paper goods/art materials, green for art/antiques/curios, red for books, yellow for ethnic deco/accessories, turquoise for food. Please note that this is just a personal list based on what I found walking around the city and caught my attention, it's not supposed to be an extensive shop directory.