An old book

I love Eastern European music, so I was extremely happy when our friends from Antikvariat Mingus in Prague gave me this book. It's an old Czech book about Romanian folk songs, showing a selection of folk music scores with lyrics both in Czech and Romanian and illustrated with pictures of musicians and motifs from traditional embroidery.  There are a few chapters describing the different music styles and typical instruments. For who doesn't know I graduated in History of Music years ago and at that time Ethnomusicology was my... [Lire la suite]
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Caucasian Folk Costumes

Azerbaijani woman from Baku. The Azerbaijani. Photographer F. Orden. 1897.Girls wearing traditional head dressings. Village of Tubenel. Balkaria. The Balkar. Beginning of the 20th century. Photographer N.A.Bush. Nogai women. Dagestan. The Nogai. Photographer D.A. Nikitin. 1881.Total eye candy: I can't stop browsing the whole collection of pictures at this online exhibition at Kunstkamera.
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