Self portrait in my school assignment

  It doesn't happen very often that you can wear your school assignments. I suppose this is one of the privileges of studying textiles. The project was about a colour: I chose pink. It was about making something to represent it: I chose crocheting a shawl. A very feminin, victorian style lace shawl was the pinkest thing I could think of. This is hairpin lace, a crochet technique made with a hairpin fork and a hook (see first picture below). My mother is an expert of this technique and she taught me how to do it. There's... [Lire la suite]
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Bonnie's dress

How cool is Bonnie Parker in that dress? (photo gallery here, via Misako Mimoko)
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The crafty library grows

Two new acquisitions for the craft manuals section of my library: Fabric Jewellery by Teresa Searle and Sew What! Skirts by Francesca DenHartog and Carol Ann Camp. I know I should keep my library as reduced as possible, considering that I'm probably moving soon (and internationally) but I love useful, pretty books I can refer to many times, and I think these two are definitely of that kind. A peek into Sew What! Skirts: And into Fabric Jewellery:
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Caucasian Folk Costumes

Azerbaijani woman from Baku. The Azerbaijani. Photographer F. Orden. 1897.Girls wearing traditional head dressings. Village of Tubenel. Balkaria. The Balkar. Beginning of the 20th century. Photographer N.A.Bush. Nogai women. Dagestan. The Nogai. Photographer D.A. Nikitin. 1881.Total eye candy: I can't stop browsing the whole collection of pictures at this online exhibition at Kunstkamera.
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