A couple of weeks ago I visited the Interior Design and Art Fair at RDS Dublin. I came home with two artist in my mind. This is what I saw in the exhibition:


Flying Souls and a Cross, 2009, gesso/oil on board, 30.5x28cm, by Fionnuala D'Arcy exhibiting with the Fenderesky Gallery from Belfast. I totally loved the contrast of the bright greens against the background and the marks on the painted  surfaces (that you cannot see in the photographs, unfortunately) Another one by Fionnuala D'Arcy:


Birds' Trails, 2009, gesso/oil on board, 13x25.5cm.
(Photos from the catalog 'Fionnuala D'Arcy',  published by the Fenderesky Gallery, may 2009)

And these are some drawings by Miriam De Burca, exhibitng with The Third Space Gallery. She draws with graphite on tracing paper and the effect is absolutely beautiful:


Willow Herb, 2008, 32x37.5cm                                              

Meadow Grass, 2008, 32x37.5cm