Screenprinting weekend #2: Making holes

Some images of effects obtained with newspaper and a paper punch during the latest screenprinting workshop at Liz Nilsson's studio.
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Screenprinting weekend #1: the Japanese paper

You might wonder what I'm doing in the pictures above, and if you had asked me on the spot I would had told you 'I don't know!'I was again at Liz Nilsson's studio for another wonderful 2-day screenprinting workshop and the stencil I have prepared for my very ambitious project had let me down (I'll talk about this in another post). So I was experimenting with a piece of Japanese paper I had bought at Daintree paper shop in Dublin. I put it on my cotton fabric and printed with an open screen over it, mixing drops of yellow and... [Lire la suite]
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Experiments with silk paper

I've been doing some experiments with silk papermaking at home. The basic materials are cocoon strippings (gummy silk), baking parchment, water and an iron. The process is pretty simple: Place a piece of parchment on your ironing board and spread the gummy silk thinkly on it. Spray with water (a plant spray bottle or similar will do) Place a second piece of parchment on top. Press with an iron until dry Allow to cool and remove the silk paper from between the baking parchment.Once I tried the basic paper I started adding... [Lire la suite]
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