The 'Arboles' series

A quick sketch for an etching. Then at Graphic Studio Dublin I printed proofs in different colours, but I only was happy with these two:
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A pile of magazines

During my latest spring cleaning I came up with a solution for the storage of the interior design magazines I had. I realized that from each issue I only really like a few articles, let's say a 10 per cent of the magazine.  By "really like" I mean things that I find really inspiring and would like to keep for a future reference. Definitely, keeping all the advertising and obsolete or uninteresting info is a waste of space. So what I did was to cut out the pages/pictures I liked and stick them on a special notebook.... [Lire la suite]
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From my sketchbook: the olive tree, study for a print

This was inspired by the beautiful olive trees I always see in Sicily when go there on holidays. It was supposed to be a sketch for a dry point print, but I'm not happy with the results of the print, so I show you just the drawing. Maybe I'll come back to this in the future when I am a more expert printmaker.This is a nice example of a real olive tree. It's one of the trees owned by my boyfriend's grandparents. Every year they produce their own olive oil that kindly share with us. Last time we brought 10 litres to Dublin and... [Lire la suite]
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From my sketchbook: textile inspired

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From the sketchbook to the press

I've talked about my interest on building sites and their geometry. This is a sketch about that theme I did for my  etching course at Graphic Studio Dublin. You'll see birds too. That's another thing you discover when you start looking upwards. And this is one of the prints I am more happy with. Anyway, it's a work in progress, as you understand from the colours :-)
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