First, eat the honey

Second, make bee wax candles: Last Christmas a friend who keeps bees in Sicily as a hobby gave us a big piece of a honeycomb: It was very interesting to observe it. Some cells were full of honey, others had pure propolis in them and others served as storage space for tiny bits of pollen, strictly separated by the kind of flower they were taken from (amazing, isn't it?). After we ate the honey we melted the honeycomb and we poured the wax into little candle molds (not the prettiest, I know...). The colour and the smell of them... [Lire la suite]
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A fiber offence

I think my spring cotton scarf offended the Winter God. Today Barcelona is blocked under the worst snow storm of the last I-don't-know-how-many years. Really impressive. My street is on top of a hill, next to a park. My neighbours are riding on plastic bags sleighs down the street... I'm wearing my wool scarf again (and hat and gloves and two pairs of knee-high socks... I hope this will soothe His wrath)
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Mimosa time

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I'd like to start my new 'blogging season' -this is, blogging again after a long busy period without internet at home- with some pictures from our holidays in Sicily last Christmas. The most delicious tangerines ever, from my boyfriend's family land.We watched a friend harvesting honey. Don't let the digital zoom fool you, we stood very far back!
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Sunny days and no internet

I am now in Spain, enjoying a real summer with high temperatures, picnics and trips to the beach. I don’t have an internet connection at the moment, so regular blogging will be difficult in the next weeks. As soon as I have my own place and proper internet access I’ll blog about these beautiful holidays. Today, just a few pictures of a picnic by the lake not far from here.
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Botanic Gardens #3: Van Gogh's Delirium

It's iris season, and at the Botanic Gardens they take it seriously.By the pond, in a more relaxed way...
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Botanic Gardens #4: The Weirdos and The Beauties

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Botanic Gardens #2: The Invasion of the Mutant Poppies

I like poppies but look at the size of this variety: isn't it scary?
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From my sketchbook: the olive tree, study for a print

This was inspired by the beautiful olive trees I always see in Sicily when go there on holidays. It was supposed to be a sketch for a dry point print, but I'm not happy with the results of the print, so I show you just the drawing. Maybe I'll come back to this in the future when I am a more expert printmaker.This is a nice example of a real olive tree. It's one of the trees owned by my boyfriend's grandparents. Every year they produce their own olive oil that kindly share with us. Last time we brought 10 litres to Dublin and... [Lire la suite]
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Extremely close and incredibly cute

(picture by me at Dublin Botanic Garden)
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