UFO attack #1: the cushion

After I moved into the new apartment I planned a massive attack to the UFOs (UnFinished Objects :-) I have around. The easiest one (because it was almost finished) was this crochet cushion I started in Ireland last year. The project was for a crochet-only cushion to recycle some old yarn but it was too ugly to be true (or too ugly to be mine) so I finished the back with some lovely Lamb's Pride green wool and handmade buttons, and I covered the still ugly front with  Sandi Henderson's fabric.   Next target is the... [Lire la suite]
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Batik lamps

    A few of my experiments in batik, a textile decorating technique. The lamp covers are cut and sewn to fit an Ikea lamp. I made three different ones, so I can change the look of the lamp.
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Etsy favourites: autumn in the kitchen

1. Retro Hornsea 'Bronte' Tureen by RummageInTheJumble. 2. Mr. B's Yellow Teapot by ModernNest. 3. Saffron Hornsea Teapot by Ladiesandgentlemen. 4. Large Footed Cup by ModishVintage.
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Ikea is here

Yesterday was the offical opening of Ikea Dublin after a long and hard expectation. Personally, being welcomed by people in Swedish folk costumes and ABBA music playing out loud was quite a surreal experience for me but it didn't seem to affect the Dublin hordes pushing their overloaded shopping trolleys. Happiness was in the air. Inside the building the number of children magically multiplied by ten, or maybe there weren't that many but just an optical illusion due to the fact that they were running in all directions. Adults were... [Lire la suite]
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  I discovered Replicata during my trip to Freiburg last month. Among other products they offer replicas of tiles from the Jugendstil period. Have a look at these, aren't they gorgeous? (pictures from Replicata)
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What time is it?

Made in Italy on the wall: Diamantini & Domeniconi
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Embroidery around the house

Love this embroidered headboard by Lydia Lee found at Design*Sponge. Isn't it a clever idea?
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Cuban film posters

        Sunrise of Judo, State's Holidays, The Goat Horn, I am Cuba Posters of Cuban films at Stony Hill Antiques and Gallery, click here for more.
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A pile of magazines

During my latest spring cleaning I came up with a solution for the storage of the interior design magazines I had. I realized that from each issue I only really like a few articles, let's say a 10 per cent of the magazine.  By "really like" I mean things that I find really inspiring and would like to keep for a future reference. Definitely, keeping all the advertising and obsolete or uninteresting info is a waste of space. So what I did was to cut out the pages/pictures I liked and stick them on a special notebook.... [Lire la suite]
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