Cuban film posters

        Sunrise of Judo, State's Holidays, The Goat Horn, I am Cuba Posters of Cuban films at Stony Hill Antiques and Gallery, click here for more.
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'Exit: pursued by a bear' project

This is the CD cover I designed as part of the final project for my Type and Image course. I was attending this course during the winter semester at NCAD with designer and photographer Aris Venetikidis. The task was to design a CD booklet for Exit: Pursued By A Bear, an Irish indie band, inspired on their single 'Procession'. Here you can see some of first sketches: I decided to develop the idea of a continuous black line that draws all the elements through the whole booklet, including the hand rendered type for the lyrics. The titles... [Lire la suite]
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The making of Akka's logo

Hello and welcome to Akka, my new blog. I’m still working on the design so consider everything as a work in progress.My name is Laura, 28, Spanish, living in Dublin since 2006. Before I lived in Milan for three years and in Prague for a short period. I like all sorts of things related to art, craft and design. The blog will be mainly about this.Apart from the blog another idea is cooking in my mind: opening an online shop for my handmade objects. But it’s too early to talk about that. I spent a few days brainstorming about... [Lire la suite]
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