Art Fair at the RDS

A couple of weeks ago I visited the Interior Design and Art Fair at RDS Dublin. I came home with two artist in my mind. This is what I saw in the exhibition:Flying Souls and a Cross, 2009, gesso/oil on board, 30.5x28cm, by Fionnuala D'Arcy exhibiting with the Fenderesky Gallery from Belfast. I totally loved the contrast of the bright greens against the background and the marks on the painted  surfaces (that you cannot see in the photographs, unfortunately) Another one by Fionnuala D'Arcy:Birds' Trails, 2009, gesso/oil on board,... [Lire la suite]
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IF: Adapt

Adapting sewing patterns for a perfect fit.'Adapt' for Illustration Friday. Pencil on paper.
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The 'Arboles' series

A quick sketch for an etching. Then at Graphic Studio Dublin I printed proofs in different colours, but I only was happy with these two:
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'Exit: pursued by a bear' project

This is the CD cover I designed as part of the final project for my Type and Image course. I was attending this course during the winter semester at NCAD with designer and photographer Aris Venetikidis. The task was to design a CD booklet for Exit: Pursued By A Bear, an Irish indie band, inspired on their single 'Procession'. Here you can see some of first sketches: I decided to develop the idea of a continuous black line that draws all the elements through the whole booklet, including the hand rendered type for the lyrics. The titles... [Lire la suite]
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IF: Parade

'Parade' for Illustration Friday. Pastels and colour pencils on paper.
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Attention: birds overhead

Another etching from my course at Graphic Studio Dublin. In this post you can see a preliminary sketch. And these are some pictures of much more populated wires I photographed in Galway some time ago. I like the pictures but I decided to kill some birds for my etching.
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From my sketchbook: textile inspired

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IF: Theatre

Colour pencils on paper.An ornament from an ancient Greek theatre, for Illustration Friday.
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