Botanic Gardens #1: A Visit to Aunt Peony

A picture taken at the Botanic Gardens in Glasnevin, Dublin. A tiny bit of Photoshop. And voilà my very own baroque Flemish painting.But if you prefer nature to art, here is a selection of untouched pictures, from my first visit to Aunt Peony, which is beginning to bloom now:
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Africa Day in Dublin

Last Sunday was one of the sunniest days I can remember since I came to Ireland three years ago. I know it sounds desperate, but for a Southern European living in this latitude a clear sky all day long and 25 degrees is just a miracle and can only be explained by the  intervention  of the Divine Providence. It was the perfect weather for the Africa Day at Dublin's Iveagh Gardens. Needless to say that half of Dublin people were there, enjoying the music, the food and getting tanned without giving an euro to Ryanair.
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From the sketchbook to the press

I've talked about my interest on building sites and their geometry. This is a sketch about that theme I did for my  etching course at Graphic Studio Dublin. You'll see birds too. That's another thing you discover when you start looking upwards. And this is one of the prints I am more happy with. Anyway, it's a work in progress, as you understand from the colours :-)
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Street art reinvents itself

A few weeks ago I was walking in Milan next to a building site. This is a detail picture of the enclosure of the site. Interesting effect, isn't it? Builders place the timber boards, people paint on them, then they are taken down and put up in the next site. Obviously the builders don't respect the composition of the image, unless they want to play jigsaws at work, so a different image comes out. Someone paints over it again, the whole thing is taken down and reassembled elsewhere in a different way and so on. (picture by me)
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I like building sites

I had never paid special attention to building sites until I had one in front of my house in Milan. There use to be a row of old houses on the other side of the street and one day when I was walking round the corner I heard a great roar: they were knocking them down. A few days later I was waken at 7.30 a.m. by what would be my personal alarm clock for the next two years: the hammering of pneumatic drills and loaded trucks back and forth. Needless to say that I cursed them every morning but the whole thing had a few advantages. First,... [Lire la suite]
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