Fallen Princesses

Wondering what happened to Snow White, Cinderella and Co. after the end of the tale? The Fallen Princesses series by Dina Goldstein challenges the "happily ever after".Via How about orange.
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Art Fair at the RDS

A couple of weeks ago I visited the Interior Design and Art Fair at RDS Dublin. I came home with two artist in my mind. This is what I saw in the exhibition:Flying Souls and a Cross, 2009, gesso/oil on board, 30.5x28cm, by Fionnuala D'Arcy exhibiting with the Fenderesky Gallery from Belfast. I totally loved the contrast of the bright greens against the background and the marks on the painted  surfaces (that you cannot see in the photographs, unfortunately) Another one by Fionnuala D'Arcy:Birds' Trails, 2009, gesso/oil on board,... [Lire la suite]
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Interdependence: the Tree Project

The International Fiber Collaborative organized this community project called Interdependence. Over 7,000 textile leaves arrived from all over the world to contribute to the making of this full size tree that was exhibited in April. You can browse pictures of the single leaves here. The idea was to represent how communities are interelated and depend on each other, as the leaves of a tree. (photo International Fiber Collaborative via Pin Tangle)
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Helene Schjerfbeck at the National Gallery

Last February I visited the exhibition 'Northern Stars, Southern Lights' of Finnish artists at the National Gallery of Ireland. My absolute favorite artist of the exhibition was the stunning Finnish painter Helene Schjerfbeck, of whom the following three pictures were shown: Self portrait, 1912. Girl on the sand, 1912. The seamstress, 1903. I think Girl on the sand was by far the best painting in the exhibition. In reality the colours are much more intense than you can see in this picture. And the portrait, with that... [Lire la suite]
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