'Exit: pursued by a bear' project

This is the CD cover I designed as part of the final project for my Type and Image course. I was attending this course during the winter semester at NCAD with designer and photographer Aris Venetikidis. The task was to design a CD booklet for Exit: Pursued By A Bear, an Irish indie band, inspired on their single 'Procession'. Here you can see some of first sketches: I decided to develop the idea of a continuous black line that draws all the elements through the whole booklet, including the hand rendered type for the lyrics. The titles... [Lire la suite]
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Helene Schjerfbeck at the National Gallery

Last February I visited the exhibition 'Northern Stars, Southern Lights' of Finnish artists at the National Gallery of Ireland. My absolute favorite artist of the exhibition was the stunning Finnish painter Helene Schjerfbeck, of whom the following three pictures were shown: Self portrait, 1912. Girl on the sand, 1912. The seamstress, 1903. I think Girl on the sand was by far the best painting in the exhibition. In reality the colours are much more intense than you can see in this picture. And the portrait, with that... [Lire la suite]
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Charity shop finds

I found these at a local charity shop here in Dublin. 'Irish Fine Earthenware Connemara' is written on the back. I think they used to be very popular in the 70s. I was looking for information about the manufacturer on the internet but I couldn't find anything. I love that retro olive green glaze and the motifs of the border... Is it the beginning of a collection?
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More and more screenprinting!

I did it again. Another screenprinting workshop! I was really looking forward, since these workshops at Liz Nilsson's studio are the only chances to do some screeprinting. I have bought some materials from Selectasine but unfortunately I don't have a suitable space to do this kind of job in my current apartment. I've promised myself that the next place I am renting will be screenprinting friendly, but for the moment I have to resign myself to my carpet covered little apartment and make the most of these workshops.This time we worked... [Lire la suite]
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IF: Parade

'Parade' for Illustration Friday. Pastels and colour pencils on paper.
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Random screenprinting #3

This is another example of my experiments with screenprinting during Liz Nilsson's workshop. In this case I put a piece of plastic lace under the fabric and then printed with green dye using an open screen.
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Attention: birds overhead

Another etching from my course at Graphic Studio Dublin. In this post you can see a preliminary sketch. And these are some pictures of much more populated wires I photographed in Galway some time ago. I like the pictures but I decided to kill some birds for my etching.
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Random screeprinting #2

Another experiment from Liz Nilsson's screenprinting workshop. I was trying to use in a different way the screen with circles I had prepared for this design, and somehow the mesh got blocked so I got these 'faulty' print with some not printed spots. It's one of those frequent cases when chance makes things better :-)
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IF: Hierarchy

'Hierarchy' for Illustration Friday.Collage, digital.
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Random screenprinting #1

This is another screenprint I made at Liz Nilsson's workshop in her Dublin studio. I started printing a monochromatic base (lime green), then added some spots of colour with a rubber stamp, dropped some dye with a brush, and finally I overprinted the whole area with dark green using newspaper strips as a mask. And this is what came out  of my messy experiments. I had fun in the process but somehow I didn't like the result. The other people in the workshop were very enthusiastic though, but I couldn't stop being very critical.... [Lire la suite]
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