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                                      After a long preparation, *akka design* is on Etsy! There aren't many things yet, and a lot of work needs to be done to improve it, but here we go!I'll be posting soon about the products and other Etsy related things.
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Botanic Gardens #2: The Invasion of the Mutant Poppies

I like poppies but look at the size of this variety: isn't it scary?
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Botanic Gardens #1: A Visit to Aunt Peony

A picture taken at the Botanic Gardens in Glasnevin, Dublin. A tiny bit of Photoshop. And voilà my very own baroque Flemish painting.But if you prefer nature to art, here is a selection of untouched pictures, from my first visit to Aunt Peony, which is beginning to bloom now:
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Africa Day in Dublin

Last Sunday was one of the sunniest days I can remember since I came to Ireland three years ago. I know it sounds desperate, but for a Southern European living in this latitude a clear sky all day long and 25 degrees is just a miracle and can only be explained by the  intervention  of the Divine Providence. It was the perfect weather for the Africa Day at Dublin's Iveagh Gardens. Needless to say that half of Dublin people were there, enjoying the music, the food and getting tanned without giving an euro to Ryanair.
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The 'Arboles' series

A quick sketch for an etching. Then at Graphic Studio Dublin I printed proofs in different colours, but I only was happy with these two:
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My fabric treasure

This morning, happiness in the shape of fabric. I received my latest order from Contemporary Cloth. Good price, super fast shipping. I'm looking forward to making things with it!
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Interdependence: the Tree Project

The International Fiber Collaborative organized this community project called Interdependence. Over 7,000 textile leaves arrived from all over the world to contribute to the making of this full size tree that was exhibited in April. You can browse pictures of the single leaves here. The idea was to represent how communities are interelated and depend on each other, as the leaves of a tree. (photo International Fiber Collaborative via Pin Tangle)
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A pile of magazines

During my latest spring cleaning I came up with a solution for the storage of the interior design magazines I had. I realized that from each issue I only really like a few articles, let's say a 10 per cent of the magazine.  By "really like" I mean things that I find really inspiring and would like to keep for a future reference. Definitely, keeping all the advertising and obsolete or uninteresting info is a waste of space. So what I did was to cut out the pages/pictures I liked and stick them on a special notebook.... [Lire la suite]
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Twenty years ago (a short Catholic biography)

Today is the 20th anniversary of my First Holy Communion! It took place the 21st of May 1989, I was 8 and a half years old and I was wearing the same dress my sister had worn for her Communion in 1979. I was a little girl wearing a beige thick fabric straight-line dress in the middle of 28 little snowhites with their silky fluffy balloon gowns. Not that I really cared. I didn't care more than I cared about the whole First Communion business. Unfortunately I don't have any picture here to show, but I've found a photo of the typical... [Lire la suite]
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Spring cleaning results: my new sewing corner

I love our little (rented) apartment but recently the lack of space for my creativity became a problem. I was tired of having my stash stored in small batches all around the house. Every time I wanted to machine sew I had to set up a provisional workshop in the living room, taking the stuff out of the weirdest storage places,  and dismantle the whole thing a few hours later, just before my boyfriend started to complain of me "the sewing colonialist" while fighting his way through a jungle of scrap fabric, trimmings... [Lire la suite]
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