Souvenir de Freiburg (part 4)

Walking around Freiburg and discovering pattern and texture:
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Souvenir de Freiburg (part 3)

Apart from being very green city Freiburg has a special relationship with water. It just seems to flow everywhere. They have a river (the Dreisam) and a canalization of it along the old town, several public fountains of drinking water and what is most carachteristic, the Freiburg Baechle, a system of small canals on the side of the street which is present in all the city centre. In a warm day you can see half naked children and dogs playing, bathing and splashing in them, and a few adults cooling their feet in them too. By the way, it... [Lire la suite]
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Embroidery around the house

Love this embroidered headboard by Lydia Lee found at Design*Sponge. Isn't it a clever idea?
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Souvenir de Freiburg (part 2)

Freiburg is one of the greenest cities I've ever seen. Of course the fact of being in the Black Forest it's a good starting point, but all over the city you can see how they have taken care of this aspect. They have several city parks, many houses have nice front gardens, nearly every street has trees on both sides and there is a lot of vertical green too: flowers hang from balconies, facades have climbing plants and in a few streets in the city centre wisteria plants make a green pergola over... [Lire la suite]
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Souvenir de Freiburg (part 1)

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Back from Freiburg

Hi, I'm back in Dublin and already missing Freiburg so much. We had a great time there. More photos and a mini shopping guidecoming soon!
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To Freiburg

Signing off for a week in Freiburg, capital of the Black Forest. See you in a few days! (photo from Clockstyle)
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Screenprinting weekend #4: Collective print

Details of a collective work from latest screenprinting workshop at Liz Nilsson's studio, made by the people that took part in the workshop: Marie, Cristina, Sinead, Cliona, Cecile and me.
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Screenprinting weekend #3: A work in progress

As I mentioned in this post, in the latest screenprinting workshop at Liz Nilsson's I had very ambitious project in mind, and this was the printing of a square tablecloth (160x160 cm) with a border of my own design (see planned layout in the last picture here). But with less than one quarter of the project completed I had to give up because my stencil was worn out. Too many repetitions! Now my tablecloth patiently waits the moment I have a photographic exposed screen so it can be completed.
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Thinking origami #1: The Boat

Let me introduce a series of posts where I'll present some of the patterns I've been creating lately. They are all based on origami shapes and are intended as ideas for future screenprints. The boat is one of my favourites and I really enjoyed playing around with it. Here it is the original shape:                                Then the boat starts swinging around... and creates patterns like these: ... [Lire la suite]
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