*akka design* is on the move

After nearly one year of blogging this blog is moving. Please visit us HERE from now on.  
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UFO attack #1: the cushion

After I moved into the new apartment I planned a massive attack to the UFOs (UnFinished Objects :-) I have around. The easiest one (because it was almost finished) was this crochet cushion I started in Ireland last year. The project was for a crochet-only cushion to recycle some old yarn but it was too ugly to be true (or too ugly to be mine) so I finished the back with some lovely Lamb's Pride green wool and handmade buttons, and I covered the still ugly front with  Sandi Henderson's fabric.   Next target is the... [Lire la suite]
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First, eat the honey

Second, make bee wax candles: Last Christmas a friend who keeps bees in Sicily as a hobby gave us a big piece of a honeycomb: It was very interesting to observe it. Some cells were full of honey, others had pure propolis in them and others served as storage space for tiny bits of pollen, strictly separated by the kind of flower they were taken from (amazing, isn't it?). After we ate the honey we melted the honeycomb and we poured the wax into little candle molds (not the prettiest, I know...). The colour and the smell of them... [Lire la suite]
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A fiber offence

I think my spring cotton scarf offended the Winter God. Today Barcelona is blocked under the worst snow storm of the last I-don't-know-how-many years. Really impressive. My street is on top of a hill, next to a park. My neighbours are riding on plastic bags sleighs down the street... I'm wearing my wool scarf again (and hat and gloves and two pairs of knee-high socks... I hope this will soothe His wrath)
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Too late for wool?

These days you can feel the spring is round the corner, so it seemed a better idea to use cotton for my next weaving project. What looks like navy blue in the picture is actually a nice purple colour in reality, but I couldn't get it right with my camera. You can't see me smiling but I am really happy with it.
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Self portrait in my school assignment

  It doesn't happen very often that you can wear your school assignments. I suppose this is one of the privileges of studying textiles. The project was about a colour: I chose pink. It was about making something to represent it: I chose crocheting a shawl. A very feminin, victorian style lace shawl was the pinkest thing I could think of. This is hairpin lace, a crochet technique made with a hairpin fork and a hook (see first picture below). My mother is an expert of this technique and she taught me how to do it. There's... [Lire la suite]
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Sunday walk

On Sunday afternoon we walked around the city. We chose a new neighbourhood to discover, Sarrià. There were surprises along the way, including nice patterns and terrible monsters. We ended up at the museum of decorative arts Palau Reial de Pedralbes.  
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