Etsy favourites: autumn in the kitchen

1. Retro Hornsea 'Bronte' Tureen by RummageInTheJumble. 2. Mr. B's Yellow Teapot by ModernNest. 3. Saffron Hornsea Teapot by Ladiesandgentlemen. 4. Large Footed Cup by ModishVintage.
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Street culture

Since I came back to Spain I am fascinated by the amount and the kind of things people throw away. All these things should be inside the rubbish container, but for some reason very often they are just left around the place... Every morning on my way to school I walk across Gracia district and I make new discoveries like this, so I keep my camera ready. I suppose it's the 'out of context' feel that attracts me of all these poor things abandoned in the street.
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A day at the market

I spent all Saturday morning at the very popular flea market  Els Encants in Barcelona.   They sell absolutely everything you can imagine, old and new.   I'll come back another day to buy some fabrics and trimmings. This time my only purchase was this packet of lovely oily and overly sweet churros.
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Etsy favourites: olive green

1. Wool Wrapped Bangles by mysticfibers; 2. Meadowgrass under Floodwater scarf by easternsky; 3. Green Meadow Pouch by oktak; 4. Olive Green Crocheted Earrings by FebystanDesigns.
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I was the lucky winner

This is probably the most gorgeous pincushion ever, and it was generously given to me by Mitch in a giveaway she organized on her blog in August to celebrate the summer. It's just perfectly made and smells of lovely lavender scent. If you want to make one for yourself check out this tutorial and for more beautiful stuff made by her don't miss mqsquare, the Etsy shop.Thanks again, Mitch!
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