Difficult to visit all of them on a short trip. These are some that caught my eye.

- Langenbeck (Gerberaustrasse 6): metal antiques and replicas for period hauses. Beautiful period tiles from Replicata.
- Silvia Steinhauser (Gerberaustrasse 10): Antiques and deco shop. Items from Green Gate.
- W. Scherb Antiques (Kartauerstrasse 32): small antiques shop.
- Teppichgalerie Pir (Konviktstrasse 49): antique oriental rugs.
- Galerie Springmann (Schusterstrasse 25): art gallery, fine prints.
- Antiquitaten am Schwabentor (Konviktstrasse 53)
- Galerie Putz (Konviktstrasse 3): art gallery, fine prints.
- Gunther Roth (Shusterstrasse 13): small shop loaded with fascinating antique toys, miniatures and holiday decorations.
- Schlepprock (Grunwalderstrasse 23): vintage clothing, nice Black Forest folk dresses.
- Etcetera Antik (Grunwalderstrasse 10): vintage jewellery.

IMG_6223  IMG_6364

There are lots of bookshops for new and second hand books. Some of them are:

- Buchhandlung zum Wetzstein (Salzstrasse 31): beauriful book editions, fine prints, events.
- X fur U (Rempartstrasse 35): comics, graphic novels, illustrated books.
- Rombach and Walthari: big book stores in Bertoldstrasse, selection of books in foreign languages.

(photo from Buchhandlung zum Wetzstein)

Ethnic deco/accessories:
Shops of ethnic decoration and accessories are very numerous. It seems to be a very popular style.

- MiaCasa (Gerberaustrasse 3): home decoration, colorful home linen and accessories.
- Sahara (Gerberaustrasse): home decoration, accessories.
- Welt Laden (Gerberaustrasse 12): home decoration and accessories, fair trade.
- Taimani (Gerberaustrasse 7 and Herrenstrasse 45): oriental accessories, beads.
- Mulan (Salzstrasse 28): Asian furniture, accessories, clothing.
- Gaf Gaf (Gerberaustrasse 25): home decoration, accessories.
- Kido (Fischeraustrasse 14): Japanese home decoration, accessories, clothing, fabrics.
- Milagro (Gerberaustrasse 28 Agustinerplatz): Frida Khalo inspired accessories and home decoration.
- Marien (Salzstrasse 25): home decoration and accessories. Items from Ayala Bar and Taj.
- Momentmal (Gauchstrasse 1-3): home decoration, accessories, clothing from India and Nepal.

We stayed in our friend's house so we mostly cooked at home. But Freiburg has very nice places to eat out. From the ones I visited these are some I'll recommend.
- Harem (Gerberaustrasse 7c): nice Turkish restaurant. Lunch menu from 5.70 euros.
- On Herrenstrasse there is a small oriental grocery shop. Everyday they make delicious fresh fruit juice at 1.90 euros a glass.
- Feierling (Gerberaustrasse 46): a very popular brewery with biergarten. Nice place to sit and enjoy a fresh beer under the trees.
And finally these are some of the numerous shops selling tea and coffee blends:
- Teekontor (Oberlinden 7)
- Teehaus Martin (Schusterstrasse 34-36)
- Tee Peter Kaffee (Schusterstrasse 17)