One of the most interesting activities I've been doing this year was the screenprinting course at Liz Nilsson's studio here in Dublin. The course consisted of six lessons and during this time the basics of screenprinting on textiles were explained, as well as some notions of pattern design. We did some very creative guided exercises, but most of the time we were free of experimenting our own ideas. There were 6 of us and it was a very rich experience in terms of exchange of ideas with other creative people. Check Elaine's post at Jaboopee to read more about this course and see pictures of us at work and Elaine's beautiful prints.

This picture on the side is one of the pieces I printed in the course, and definitely the one I am most happy with. I worked with just three colours, orange-lime green-turquoise, a combination that has taken over my mind in this period, and tried the different effects of overprinting them. The initial idea was to create something with birds, and among all the scribbles of my sketcbook I selected this one:


Then a bit of work on Illustrator and a geometrical pattern came out of this single bird. Below you can see individual pictures of each section.